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Friendly local cat and dog sitting/walking, helping pet owners in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, Oost, West and Centrum.


I adore spending time around animals. Before moving to the Netherlands from Scotland in 2019, I have been a lifelong pet owner.Over these past few years, I have found petsitting to be the perfect way to still have little companions in my life at a time where it's not possible to have my own pets, due to a remote-working and flexible lifestyle.I have looked after cats and dogs both in Amsterdam and abroad. Durations have varied from 1 day to 2+ months, and include a number of repeat visits. I absolutely love reunions.


Dog Walking

30- to 60-minute adventures in the neighbourhood. Whether it's a leisurely stroll or an energetic walk, I'll ensure they get the exercise they need and the outdoor exploration they love, any time you're not able to. Extended/rural walks available upon request

Drop-in Visits

30- to 60-minute visits to your home. For days when your pet needs a little extra love and attention while you're out. Whether it's mealtime, playtime, or simply some companionship, I can pop over to your place to cater to your pet's needs in their own familiar environment.


Hosting your pet at my home for the day, giving them a safe and cosy second home when you have to be elsewhere. From walks to playtime, cuddles and care, I'll make sure they're well looked after. Just drop them off in the morning and I'll do the rest.


Your pet's home away from home! I can host them at my place for an extended stay, and make sure they have all the comforts and care they would receive at home. Whether they prefer lounging on the couch or exploring new surroundings, I'll tailor their experience to suit their individual needs (with plenty of love, attention, and belly rubs).

pet care promises

Loving Companionship

Your pet will receive not just care, but genuine love and companionship during their time with me. They'll be treated as I would my own pet, receiving affection and attention to keep them happy and content.

Adherence To Instructions

Your instructions are like a roadmap to your pet's happiness. I guarantee to follow your guidance to the letter, maintaining their routines, dietary preferences, and any special requirements. Consistency is key, and your pet's well-being is my top priority.

Patience & Understanding

Every pet is unique, and I promise to approach each one with patience and understanding. Whether they're energetic and playful or calm and reserved, I'll tailor my care to match their personality, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Open Communication

Stay connected with your pet even when you're away. I commit to regular updates, including photos and messages, so you can have peace of mind knowing your little friend is safe and thriving. Open communication ensures you're part of their experience, even from a distance.



Service                                           Price
Meet & greet
- 30 mins

Dog walk (1 dog)
- 30 mins
- 1 hour
depending on pick-up location:
€13 - €16
€21 - €25
Dog walk (custom)
- 2 or more dogs
- extended duration
- location outside city

contact me to discuss
custom service options
Pet daycare
- standard (up to 8 hours)
- extended (8+ hours)

+€3 / additional hour
Pet boarding
- per night (24h)
- additional time at start/end

+€3 / additional hour
Drop-in visit (1-2 pets)
- 30 mins
- 1 hour

Drop-in visit (3+ pets)
- 30 mins
- 1 hour

+€3 / additional pet
+€5 / additional pet
Public holiday care*+€10 flat fee per service

*on days listed as official Dutch public holidays





August 2023


Jen is a super sitter and I highly recommend her. From the moment we had our ‘discovery’ conversation, I knew that Lolly would be in safe hands. I arrived home from 2 weeks away, to a Westie who’d obviously had a fabulous time and a clean and tidy house. I would have Jen back in a heartbeat! Thank you so much for taking such good care of Lolly and my home. I hope our paths cross again! 🐾

Sarah K.

Brighton, UK



January 2024


Jen is an amazingly caring pet sitter! Maža is usually a shy cat and likes to keep to herself but with Jen she was very comftortable and cuddly. We loved having Jen over, she is very responsible and loves animals. Would highly recommend to anyone and your pet is in safe hands!

Arnaud & Lina

Amsterdam, NL



June 2023


Jen was a wonderful sitter for my dog Asta while I was away for a week. She was very clear with communication both ahead of the stay, as well as during it, and showed up at my place in Portugal precisely when she had planned to. Jen's friendly and caring manner helped put me at ease as I left for my time away, and I knew Asta would be in very capable and friendly hands. Jen kept me updated daily with both text updates and amazing photos that captured the day's activities. They reassured me that she was happy, healthy, and being well looked after. When I returned, the house was just as I had left it. It was clear that Jen respected my space and treated it as if it were her own. Asta was obviously content about her week with Jen, looking around the place for where she might be after she had left for her next adventure. Asta definitely misses her and would be very happy to see her again!

Amy S.

Abrantes, Portugal



March 2023


Jen is a trusted minder for our cat when we are away from home. She takes great care and has built a lovely relationship with our 2-year-old cat, Taters. Jen has gone above and beyond our requests when cat sitting, spending lots of time and giving lots of love to Taters, while also providing us with regular updates too.

Margaret M.

Amsterdam, NL



February 2023


Where do I begin to describe how grateful I am to Jen?

Whenever Jen is looking after my cat Maca I have a total peace of mind knowing that when I am not around my cat is with someone who loves her and dedicates so much time and attention to her.

Thank you so much Jen!

Matea M.

Amsterdam, NL



July 2023


Jen was such an amazing sitter to our puppy Luna. As soon as we met Jen we knew we had chosen the exact right person to take care of Luna, she is such a friendly and warm person and very easy to chat to. Luna absolutely loved her and they built a really strong bond, Luna was really sad to see her go and I think she still misses her now! Jen took great care of our home while we were away and left the place clean and tidy with no issues at all. Jen was constantly giving us pictures and updates about Luna which we loved so we knew that she was having lots of fun and really well taken care of. It was such a pleasure to welcome Jen into our home and would 100% recommend her for any house/pet sit. We would absolutely love to have Jen back when we go away again, and I know Luna will be super excited to see her again. Thank you so much, we really appreciate everything you did for us!

Jane K.

Cotswolds, UK



February 2024


Very warm and friendly. Took good care of Mowgli and kept me updated. 😊

Tejal P.

Amsterdam, NL



September 2023


Jen is fantastic! It was a pleasure to have her take care of our home and dog on two separate occasions. She is very respectful and reliable, caring and considerate. Thanks again Jen and we hope (and Nietzsche) that we see you again!

Melanie M.

Amsterdam, NL

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I've loved cats ever since I was little, but I couldn't have my own because my dad was allergic. Since moving to Amsterdam in 2019, I've spent time with cats whenever the chance arises - some come to stay with me, and others I visit at their homes. It's been a lot of fun getting to know them all.Playing with cats, giving them cuddles, and making sure they're happy and healthy is something I genuinely care about and get a huge amount of joy from.


I grew up caring for dogs from a young age, from very small pups to old souls who needed extra attentive care and affection.In recent years, I've had the joy of petsitting dogs regularly, both here in Amsterdam, back home in Scotland, and even during a five-month adventure to various countries abroad. Each experience has reinforced my love for dogs and the unparalleled companionship they offer.Meeting a new dog is always a highlight of my day, and I will go out of my way to spend time with them.